Welcome to The Great Space Cruiser!

Space Cruise Inc. was formed in 2009 with one goal in mind: Expand the limousine
experience! Every limo has the same drawbacks, cramped quarters. With that thought
in mind, Shuttle 54 was created to not only give clients room to move, but enjoy the
ride! Night club lights, fog machines, gaming consoles, and a spotless safety record
enhance the overall experience of all our clients.

For three years, Space Cruise Inc. has taking this idea and expanded on it.
Weddings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette, concerts and casinos have helped
Space Cruise Inc grow by 50% per year. Knowing that we are on the right track, it
became time to expand.

In the summer of 2011, Space Cruise Inc. partnered with Grand Forks business man
Chris Grochow, to form Space Cruise LLC. Within three months, this partnership
produced “The Great Space Cruiser”. The 28-33 seat luxury supercruiser hit the
road Dec 1, 2011. No school bus here folks! The Great Space Cruiser is a fully
restored MCI coach bus with ALL the amenities. Spacious, plush seating, 2 tvs w
xbox360 and Wii, laser shows, night club lights, bathrooms, fridge/micro, and a host
station. That’s right, a host station. Every trip with The Great Space Cruiser
also comes with a host/hostess to help our clients with all their needs.

Our job at Space Cruise LLC is to bring our clients all of the benefits of such a
great service at an affordable rate while maintaining our perfect safety record.
For about the same price as a standard limousine, we offer SO MUCH MORE!!

With the addition of corporate getaways and weekly casino runs, Space Cruise LLC is
ready to become the number one service in the Grand Forks area. And thats not all.
Within five years, Space Cruise LLC expansion plans will take us to
Fargo/Moorehead and Bismarck/Mandan.

Space Cruise LLC is excited to call Grand Forks our home. We look forward to
providing the best experience to ALL of our clients and working hand-in-hand with
our corporate sponsors to elevate expectations of service, value, and WOW factor!

We sincerely look forward to serving you and providing your party with an AMAZING,
SAFE getaway!


Matt Gust
President Space Cruise LLC

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